Year 1 - 3 Supreme Award

Where Does Milk Come From? (Mini Documentary) by Room 2 Students, Opiki School

Judges comment:
"What a wonderful digital record of a truly authentic learning opportunity for Kiwi Kids. This entry
has a wide range of different techniques and components all rolled in to one as well as being very
obviously student driven and owned."

Year 4 - 6 Supreme Award

The Lego Video (Animation) by Ruben, Jack S, Nathan, Riverdale School

Judges comment:
WOW, well executed planning, attention to detail, smooth often almost seamless movements,
what more could you want in an animation? Oh waitthrow in obvious successful teamwork with
multiple characters moving at once and a powerful message, now you have the whole package.
This is a stand out entry boys.

Year 7 - 8 Supreme Award

YOU CAN DO IT - Jasmine Glentworth.jpg

You Can Do It (Graphic Design) by Jasmine Glentworth, Palmerston North Intermediate Normal

Judges comment:
This entry doesn't just have all the design elements you’d expect from a category winning entry it
has the X Factor of design you can appreciate as a Supreme Winner. This image is not just
motivational it’s visually STUNNING. Look out Saatchi and Saatchi you could have one very
talented young lady heading your way.

Best actor or Presenter

Millie Hansen (as David Attenborough). How do Bees Communicate? South Makirikiri

Judges comment:
You took on a famous household English broadcaster and naturalist and nailed it!
The voice, the mannerisms, the humour and your obvious glowing personality have the audience entranced.
You’re a star Millie.