Your digital photograph should:

  • Be original (taken by the student)

  • Convey a message

  • Have good composition (Thirds rule; foreground; background; balance and order)

  • Show one or more of the elements (people, line, colour, light)

  • Demonstrate awareness of angle; fame and/or macro

  • Be a large size (e.g. at least 1 MB), as images will be viewed on a screen for judging (check size)

  • Be saved in .jpg or .png file format

  • Be named using the title of the photo and the name of the photographer.

The composition and enhancing (i.e. use of Photoshop) of a photo, or the combining of photos, in the digital photo category is up to the photographer.

The judges will look at the message being conveyed and award points for creativity, elements and visual composition. See judging rubric (below).

NB: No more than 5 entries for each section (i.e. Y 1-3; Y 4-6; Y 7-8) will be accepted from each school

Judging Rubric

Digital photo rubric.png

Digital Photo Examples

Year 1 - 3

Tunnel of Feelings..JPG

Year 4 - 6

The Rain.JPG
Trains and Stones will Break my Bones.JPG

Year 7 - 8

Claire Shi Room 17  Over the Valley.jpg
Atlas Attacks.JPG