Inspire Net Manawatu Digi Awards Entry Information

Important points

Entries will only be accepted from schools which are financial members of the Manawatu Principals' Association.

Entry fees: U1 - 3 schools $20 per school; U 4 and up $50 per school

Entries close: Friday 18 September, 2015

Entry method: Pen drive: Post or deliver to Ross Intermediate, 25 Freyberg Street, Palmerston North 4414

N.B. All entries MUST be collected, organised and submitted by the school (not by individuals). No late entries will be accepted.

Entry Form

Please read

  • There are no printed entries. Information about your school's entries must be compiled onto one entry sheet and saved on a pendive.
  • Any program, app or online tool can be used to create an entry, as long as the entry is submitted in one of the accepted file formats. Weblinks will not be accepted
  • Name each entry with a title (e.g. spring on the farm.png) Your entry doc will contain the level, category and student names for this entry
  • Organise your school's entries into separate folders - first, a folder for each Year Level (Y7-8; Year 4-6; Year 1-3) and within those subfolders for each category.
  • Each entry may be entered once only (in one category only)

To enter the Inspire Net Manawatu Digi Awards you need to:

  1. Belong to a school which is a financial member of the Manawatu Principals' Association.
  2. Read the Entry Release Statement and show your agreement with a tick on the entry sheet.
  3. Complete the entry sheet. This will contain the information about your school's entries in all categories (please group entry levels together).
  4. Entries must be original work created completely by students. Teachers (or other adults) must act as advisors only.
  5. No more than 5 entries for each section and category will be accepted from each school. (e.g. 5 x Year 1 - 3 digital photos; 5 x Year 4 - 6 digital photos; 5 x year 7 - 8 digital photos.) Schools must decide on the best entries to submit.
  6. Make sure you are submitting an entry in the correct category.
  7. All of a school's entries and accompanying entry form should compiled onto one pen drive. Please save in a folder for each entry level and then subfolders of categories.
  8. Your pen drive must be clearly named (it will be returned to you after the competition).
  9. Post or deliver (in an envelope) your school's pen drive to: 'InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards', Ross Intermediate, 25 Freyberg Street, Palmerston North 4414
  10. Entries close at 5pm on Friday 18 September 2015

Acceptable File Formats.png