The Inspire Net Manawatu Digi Awards is a student eLearning competition and awards evening, which is open to all schools which are financial members of the Manawatu Principals' Association in New Zealand.

The awards evening provides an opportunity for students, their families and friends to share and celebrate eLearning excellence.

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All information regarding the 2016 InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards will be communicated through the Digi Awards Facebook page.

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Important information:

  1. Entries must be organised and submitted by the school, not by individual students. See entry information. Post or deliver entries to Ross Intermediate, 25 Freyberg St, Palmerston North 4414.

  2. The number of entries allowed per school in each category and age level is 5. Please complete a selection process in your school to select your 5 best entries

  3. Photos entered in the Digital Photo and Photo Essay categories must be original (taken by the student)

  4. Photos in the Graphic Design category may be compiled from copyright-free and/or original images. However all design, compilation and the message must be original and completed by the student/s.

  5. Entries in the Music Video and Short Movie categories must contain predominately moving images (movie clips). These must be original, filmed and edited by the students.

N.B: To obtain a music copyright licence visit and click on the 'Hear More' button

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  1. It is our understanding that in order to use commercial music, a school must have a music copyright license.
    Schools participating in the Inspire Net Manawatu Digi Awards wishing to use copyright music in entries have been asked to make sure they hold a copyright license.
  2. Youtube may block videos containing commercial music without establishing whether the creator of the video actually has this license.


The organising team is: Wayne Jenkins, Jaco Broodryk, Ben Ward-Smith, Nick Reed, Nick Rate,Warwick Price and Brya Dixon
The Inspire Net Manawatu Digi Awards is non commercial and 'not for profit'.

Acknowledgments: Thank you to Te Runanga o Ngati Porou; Ngati Porou East Coast Schools, for generously sharing ideas and resources.

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