1. It is our understanding that in order to use commercial music, a school must have a copyright license. Youtube may block videos containing commercial music without establishing whether the creator of the video actually has this license. Schools participating in the InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards wishing to use copyright music in entries have been asked to make sure they hold a copyright license. Visit http://www.getlicensed.co.nz/ and click on the 'Hear More' button.

  2. Music video entries must be predominately moving images (video clips). Entries must be filmed and edited by the students.

Your music video should:

  • Use a visual format which attracts the viewers attention
  • Be highly creative and entertaining with well thought out relevance to the music and lyrics

  • Use appropriate and creative props and/or locations

  • Feature strong and compelling performances

  • Show a creative visual composition and good camera angles, camera movement, lighting and framing of shots

NB: No more than 5 entries for each section (i.e. Y 1-3; Y 4-6; Y 7-8) will be accepted from each school

Judging Rubric

Music Video Rubric.png