Your short movie should:

  • Be up to 5 minutes long including title and credits (May be shorter than 5 minutes)

  • Be predominately in video format

  • Tell a story which holds the audiences’ attention

  • Demonstrate camera work which shows an understanding of composition and shooting techniques (angles, movement, lighting, framing)

  • Contain appropriate props, costumes, sets and locations

  • Show editing which enhances and adds impact to the message

  • Have compelling and interesting actors

  • Contain background music which enhances the story

Entry lengths mentioned are suggestions only - they are not part of the judging criteria


  1. Short Movie entries must be predominately moving images (video clips). Entries must be filmed and edited by the students.

  2. No more than 5 entries for each section (i.e. Y 1-3; Y 4-6; Y 7-8) will be accepted from each school

Judging Rubric

Short Movie Rubric.png

Short Movie examples